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  • Last Flight Out Photography!

    It's really an attitude...Last Flight Out...we don't want to go home early...we don't want our vacation to end...we take the Last Flight Out, and enjoy a few more hours of our holiday. If you go on a photo tour with us, we will maximize your fun before getting back to's Last Flight Out Photography!!

    Scotty Graham has been leading Dive Trips, Photo Tours, Photowalks, and Photography Workshops for the past 20 years. He is assisted by keen photographers/educators/adventurers who are the best in the industry, and have the right attitude! Fun is the name of the game. Why not enjoy some time off with like-minded people that enjoy photography and always take the Last Flight Out.

    Life is short....get out and LIVE...and create memories through your photos along the way with Last Flight Out Photography!! Hope to meet you soon....

Taking Names For The Next Pacu Jawi Trip

Get Some Incredible Shots

If you want to have some incredible photographs in your portfolio, this is the trip for you. You can barely go wrong at this incredibly unique event held a couple of times a year in Sumatra. This is the REAL deal, folks…not a fake event…the real thing that has been going on for centuries in Indonesia. I will be making two trips to Sumatra in April. The dates are not fully confirmed yet, but I will post them on this blog as soon as I have them confirmed. If you are interested in going, fire me an email, and I will send you more details.


Cubadak Island – Sumatra

Great Weekend

We had our SIXTH annual “Daddy Daughter” trip this past weekend. Every year seems to get better and better. There are four of us Dads and five daughters ranging in age from 8 to 11. This year we went to a small island off of Sumatra called, Cubadak. A super beautiful spot, and very laid back and relaxing. A great little vacation for both the girls and their Dads…


Empty Streets

There is nothing better than walking all alone in the early morning. Whether it be on a trail in the mountains or next to a quiet lake or down an empty street in a city…it’s just so nice to walk by yourself and listen to the silence. I find it really peaceful.

This street is in the city of Florence. I woke up before any of the stores had opened, and before most people had even left their homes for the day. I did run into a couple of people out on the street to buying a cup of coffee, and a couple of delivery guys, but for the most part, I had the streets to myself…just me and my camera.


Ponte Vecchio

When I had my hard drive crash three years ago, I lost all of my photos from Italy. A year later, I found nearly half of my Italy photos on the temporary drive I used to download photos while on the trip. Luckily, all of my Florence photos were saved. I have a bunch of this famous bridge, but for some reason, never edited this one…and I think it is a good one.