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A Couple of Photos From The Inspire

I took my new Inspire with me (a flying camera) to the Togian Islands, and got some good video, and took a few still photos too. I am pretty amazed at the quality of the video and photos from the little camera that comes with the Inspire. The video is stunning. I like the camera because I can shoot in RAW, and also control ISO and shutter speed. You can even take bracketed shots with the camera. Very cool. Here are a couple of photos…




The B-24 Bomber at 70 Feet

One of the highlights of the dive trip last week was diving on this WWII B-24 Bomber. I don’t have all of the details of the wreck, but apparently, the plane was headed back to base from a training mission when they had an engine fire. The captain tried to put the plane down on land, but couldn’t find a safe place to put it down. So, he did a controlled landing on the water as close to land as they could get. All survived the landing, and the plane sank in less than a minute in 70 feet of water near the mangroves. It is almost completely intact and lies upright on the bottom. Amazing.

The cool thing is that the islands in this area are probably unchanged since 1945. Since it is near the mangroves, the visibility was not good….but still a great dive.

I think this looks much better as a black n white…taken with natural light…


And…here is my daughter, Kayla, next to the only engine that still had the props attached…


Jane Cotton - July 9, 2015 - 8:42 am

Totally amazing, such a wonderful piece of history to see and I love the texture with the barnicles on the prop. Love the new Drone photos as well, pity I am the only one giving you feedback these days though I am really surprised about that, you need to get more people seeing your beautiful work.

Togian Islands

Great Father-Daughter Bonding

I took my daughter, Kayla, to the Togian Islands off of Sulawesi last week. We spent five glorious days diving. The Togians are not easy to reach. We had to fly into Gorontalo from Jakarta, then take a ferry to the islands….13 hours on the ferry. But it was well worth the trip. The diving was really good…not quite up to par of Raja Ampat, but good never the less. Spectacular walls and some of the best visibility I have seen in a long time. I took a ton of underwater images, and will share those in the days to follow.


Grubug Cave

An Interesting History

I brought my daughter to this unique cave about 3 hours outside of Jogjakarta. I had heard about it from a friend. The cave has an interesting history. Back in the 60’s when the Indonesian Army was trying to rid of all “communists” in the country, they executed thousands of people. This cave was one of the sites in Java where the bodies were tossed. With fear of being accused of war crimes in the 1980’s the Army came back and cleared out all of the bodies. Knowing this before descending down 60 meters to the cave, gave the entire trek into the cave kind of an eery feeling…but it was still incredible!! The light rays shining down from the top was just amazing…

Will Go Back

I was not very pleased with my photos. I think we entered the cave too late, and missed the light rays shining straight down. Because we entered a bit late, the light was actually too bright. I couldn’t see the sides of the cave. I will go back and try again….next time, I will insist on going in a bit earlier….