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Cool Sky In Iceland

Weather in Iceland

As I talk to more and more people that have been to Iceland, I am starting to realise that I am not the only one that experienced bad weather there. I guess the weather is pretty crappy most of the year. We did have ONE good day where the sun actually came out, and there were some cool clouds in the sky. When the sky did break up, we all ran for our cameras for a shot…


School In Burma

Myanmar has been in the news a lot lately. When I went to Burma last October, I was in the exact area where all of the refugees are coming from. Apparently, there are a lot of problems in the area with the minority groups living there. We didn’t really notice anything going on, but that is the usual cases with tourists passing through. My heart goes out to the people in Myanmar…they were truly some of the nicest people I have ever met. This photo was taken in a school in the area…


Behind The Scenes of Pacu Jawi

Look Behind You

The infamous Jay Maisel always says, “don’t forget to look behind you” when you are out taking photos. So many cameras at Pacu Jawi are pointed at the mud, the cows and riders, and photographers forget to “look behind”. The characters and stuff going on behind the scenes is fascinating, and on my last two trips there, I concentrated on capturing those moments as much as the action on the rice paddies.

Here are two examples….a portrait of one of the many characters you see at Pacu Jawi, and the “cowboys” continue to do their thing even during a torrential rainfall…


5th Trip To Pacu Jawi

Another great trip to see Pacu Jawi in Sumatra. It has been a new location every time I go, and this location was a great one for shooting. The cows came straight at me, and the rice paddy was not too long, so I was able to get a direct view of the cows coming at me…just had to be aware of what was going on as you could easily get run over if you were not paying attention.

We arrived on site at around 10:00 am, and the races didn’t start until 1:00. We had about an hour of shooting the races, but then it started to pour rain at around 2:00. It was a torrential rain, and it didn’t stop. Out in the middle of the rice paddies, there is no where to hide from the rain, so the entire crowd bundled together under the small tents that were put up for the vendors at the site. We had to leave at 3:00, so we only got an hour of shooting before we had to leave. Oh well…still a fantastic day!!


Super Trees


I have been waiting to photograph these “Super Trees” for some time, but they are relatively new, and I remember watching them being built. Until just recently, it was pretty barren around the structures, and the growth was not quite like it is today. I do want to come back at night and get a shot with all of the lights on…next trip.