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  • Last Flight Out Photography!

    It's really an attitude...Last Flight Out...we don't want to go home early...we don't want our vacation to end...we take the Last Flight Out, and enjoy a few more hours of our holiday. If you go on a photo tour with us, we will maximize your fun before getting back to's Last Flight Out Photography!!

    Scotty Graham has been leading Dive Trips, Photo Tours, Photowalks, and Photography Workshops for the past 20 years. He is assisted by keen photographers/educators/adventurers who are the best in the industry, and have the right attitude! Fun is the name of the game. Why not enjoy some time off with like-minded people that enjoy photography and always take the Last Flight Out.

    Life is short....get out and LIVE...and create memories through your photos along the way with Last Flight Out Photography!! Hope to meet you soon....


I took a group out this past Saturday up to Sunda Kelapa. My main goal was to get a new photo of the Bajai as my old ones were lost with my hard drive failure a couple of years ago. It has been awhile since I added some textures to my photos, so it was fun “building” this photo, and turning it into a piece of art.


Iceland Horses

I am no expert on horses, but I think the horses in Iceland are unique. They seem to have these really long manes, some blonde. Do other horses around the world have manes like this? I am not sure….

Every time I saw horses in Iceland, I wanted to stop to take a photo….even in the rain and wind….


Jane Cotton - September 9, 2014 - 1:10 pm

Beautiful shot!

Another Round of Pacu Jawi

Third Time at Pacu Jawi

I took a group of 25 people up to Sumatra yesterday to witness another round of the Bull Races. Each time I have been there, it is at a different location. I like that as there are always new angles, different light, and the landscape is also different. This was the most crowded I have seen it there. Since the rice paddy where the bulls were running had high banks on the side, I had to claim a spot early to set up my camera as crowds of people all stood on the side of the paddy.

It was a great day, and I have just started going through my photos….here is one shot so far…