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Whoa…Sorry For The Lack of Posts

Been Busy

Not to make any excuses, but…well, I have been busy the past few days, and have not had a minute to spare to maintain the blog…I took my daughter, Kayla, on our fifth “Daddy-Daughter Trip” with three other Dads and 4 other kids. This year, we went to North Sumatra to a place called Bukit Lawang. I had been there before back in 2002. In 2003, an earthquake hit the area causing major floods and land slides….almost the entire area was destroyed, and many people were killed. The area has bounced back, however, and it was a great trip. The girls got to see wild Orangutangs in the rain forest, tube down the river, and got to see several other types of monkeys.

Off To Singapore

Tomorrow, I leave for Singapore for three days. Need to check-up on any bad boys entering my body…I have been feeling 100% back to normal after last year’s scare, so am not too concerned about the check-up coming up…but want to  be sure that all of those bad guys are dead.


Orangutang is actually the combination of two Indonesian words…Orang and Hutan…Orang is person, and Hutan is jungle…hence, Orangutang means “person of the jungle”. We hiked into the National Forest which supposedly has over 4000 wild Orangutangs living happily. Our chances of seeing one was pretty good actually, and less than an hour into our hike, we spotted a Mom and her baby high in the trees. It was really tough to get a photo with all of the branches and leaves in the way, but at one point, the two climbed to a lower spot to grab some fruit, and I had my chance to grab some shots….


A New Pier Off of Pulau Kri

Raja Ampat No Longer A Secret

As I reported a few days ago, RA is no longer a secret place. There are home-stays and small resorts popping up all over the place. I used to take a walk down the beach towards the end of Pulau Kri on the day of rest, Saturday. When I took that walk, it was totally void of humans…it was just me, the water, and the birds. Not anymore. This time, when I took the walk, I ran into several home-stays that have been built next to the water…and a couple of new piers extending out to the drop-off. I guess this is progress. I just wonder what it will be like 30 years from now? At least I got to see it when it was pristine…

I am not complaining, and the growth is not all that bad. Because of the popularity of Raja Ampat, Indonesia is the first country to protect Mantas in ALL of it’s territorial waters. This would not have happened if Raja Ampat remained a secret. So, some good has come from it’s new popularity. I also like taking photos of piers….these two photos are of the new pier…



Paz - April 17, 2014 - 3:43 am

I want to go there!