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Pasar Burung Pramuka (Bird Market)

A Creepy Place

I headed out with a good buddy yesterday to the Bird Market in the Eastern part of Jakarta. It is HUGE…hundreds of thousands of birds ranging from the average parakeet to Golden and Scarlett Mackaws. Sad, really, to see all of these beautiful birds in small cages sitting in rows and rows of other cages in dark alleys and rooms surrounded by suspicious characters trying to sell them. A cool place for photos, though….

I like this one that I took just outside of the market…


Fishing in Burma

Trouble with Titles

I don’t know about you, but I have trouble coming up with titles for my posts and photos. What would you name this photo? My ideas were, “Tree in Burma”, “Man and His Tree”, “Tree Along the River”, “Fisherman Under The Tree”….hehe…I don’t know…maybe “Fishing in Burma” is not really a good title either….I still feel uneasy with it, but what the hell….it’s just a photo….name it whatever you like…

In any case, I took this shot as we were passing by in a small boat on the river. There was nothing but flat fields, but every once in a while, an amazing tree would pop up out of nowhere….just got lucky with the guy in the fishing boat next to this incredible tree….



The Famous Tattooed Ladies of Burma

While in Burma, we took a four hour boat ride up the river to visit one of the Chin Villages near Mrauk U to see some of the remaining ladies who tattooed their faces when they were young. There were only six women left in the village that still practice this tradition, and all were aged between 68 and 85. They were as pleasant as can be, and had no problem posing for photographs and answering questions. They told us that they wanted to hide their beauty from men, and that is the reason they tattooed their faces. You can certainly tell that they were beautiful women when they were younger (they are still beautiful today). There are many villages in the area, and we only visited one, but the ladies told us that the tradition is dying as the younger generation do not want to tattoo their faces. They did say there was a village further in the mountains where some young women are still practicing the tradition, but they didn’t know how many.


New Portfolio Link

See ALL of my Photos in One Quick Link

yesterday, I set up a booth at the Christmas Bazaar selling some of my photographs. It went very well, and I think it was worth the time and money spent doing it. Many asked me if they could see my other photographs on my website. I told them to visit my website, but then after thinking about it, I thought there isn’t an easy way to view all of my photos on this blog….you would have to just scroll from page to page, and that can be tedious.


So, if you look above, there is a new link provided called, “Portfolio”. This link will bring you to a new page I created with three galleries…”Indonesia”, “Travels” and “Underwater”. I added all of my recent post photos into these three galleries…, you can now scroll through those photos quickly.

Older Photos

I still need to add to these galleries my older photos (some that I had on display at the Bazaar). I will be doing this in the next few days, so that my entire collection of photos will be easily viewed.

Purchasing Prints

If you see a photo you like, I can print it for you, and even frame it for you. I can print either onto Canvas or my favorite semi-gloss paper. All prints are gallery quality and archival prints, and can print any size you wish up to 44 inches (111 cm) wide, or can go wider with a max height of 44 inches…

Just email me (or use the contact link on this blog) which photograph you want and size, and I can get the print to you within a couple of days…