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    Scotty Graham has been leading Dive Trips, Photo Tours, Photowalks, and Photography Workshops for the past 20 years. He is assisted by keen photographers/educators/adventurers who are the best in the industry, and have the right attitude! Fun is the name of the game. Why not enjoy some time off with like-minded people that enjoy photography and always take the Last Flight Out.

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Wow…how time flies. I went to Sumatra yesterday to see Pacu Jawi for the ninth time. It never gets old. The location was the same location as my first time there a few years ago. It was good to be back. Pak Emi even built a platform for us to view…above the crowd.

The night before, I was packing my camera equipment, and couldn’t find my CF card for my Nikon D800. For the life of me, I don’t know what happened to the three cards I own. So, I decided to leave the Nikon at home, and only brought my Sony A7Rll, the 90mm lens, the 35mm, and the 16-35mm. I used the 90mm most of the time. It doesn’t have the reach as my Sigma 500mm, but it worked fine. The only drawback was that I had to stand closer to the bulls….my frame would not fill up until the bulls were almost on top of me.

I only have a couple of “riding shots” that I was happy with, so concentrated more on portraits and wide angle shots…

This is my favorite wide-angle shot…kind of gives you an idea what the scene is really like…


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I bought this lens just before my trip to Norway this summer. So happy I did. Wow….what a lens! In fact, every Sony Zeiss lens I own are just outstanding coupled with the Sony A7Rll. Before I bought the Sony lenses, I was using an adapter to attach my Leica glass onto the camera. Don’t get me wrong, Leica makes perhaps the finest lenses in the world. But, I gotta tell you, I think the Sony lenses perform better on my Sony. I certainly don’t have the tech skills to prove it, but from my own personal perspective, I like the Sony Zeiss glass better.

I want to try this lens out underwater…I am sure it will be stellar. I don’t have an underwater port for it, though. I am hoping to borrow one from my buddy in October when I go back to Raja Ampat.

Here is a sample photo I took in Norway with this lens. It rarely left my camera…I used it 90% of the time. The other 10%, I used my Leica 135mm which also was outstanding!!


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We were in Lisbon for four days, but I only had the chance to walk around the city for a couple of hours on the last afternoon we were there. What a cool city. It has the old charm of a European city, but at the same time had this laid back feeling. The hills, the old trams, the bars and restaurants, the windy narrow roads all made for a great walk.


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