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On Vacation

I am headed out of Indonesia for about three weeks. Will be flying to the States tonight, will visit my parents in Virginia Beach, and then off to Guatemala with some good friends. I am not sure if I will be posting to the blog while I am gone as I am only carrying my…

Trees and Texture

I was playing around with some of my China photos from this past Christmas. I really find it enjoyable and relaxing doing post processing. Some people hate it, and some even don’t like photographs with ANY post processing….I don’t really understand that, but in this day in age with digital photography, I find the PP…

Game of Chess

Had a great couple of days in Singapore seeing some old friends. We didn’t get out much, but had a great time talking, laughing, drinking good beer, and catching up with good friends. It was a nice break from the regular routine here in Jakarta. I also picked up my new underwater housing for the…


Yea, I know, it’s just a bunch of old barrels of fuel, but great colors, don’t ya think?