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Take a Seat in Beijing

Just realized I am getting worse when it comes to making posts on a regular basis. Sorry about that. I was going through my photos from my trip to Beijing last month, and found this one. They were playing this fantastic Saxophone solo from the bus where these chairs were located..I wish I had asked…

Area “798” in Beijing

If you go to Beijing, don’t pass up the opportunity to visit “798”. I have no idea how this district in Beijing got the name 798, but it is the artist’s place to display their work…tons of galleries, shops and small cafes…lots of street art as well. A fantastic place to just walk around and…

Shangri La, China

I was going through some old photos tonight…feeling nostalgic. This town burned down a few years ago. Such a shame. I am glad I still have a few photos of the place. I wonder if these folks are still around?

The Shanghai Skyline (The Bund)

The Bund A few years ago, I made it down to the Bund to take some night photos. Those photos were all lost to my hard drive failure back in 2012. It was really cloudy, and I wasn’t able to get a great shot. Below is my remaining “copy” of the photo I took back…

Yunan Ladies

I can’t speak Chinese, and I certainly can’t speak the Chinese dialect these ladies speak. I sure wonder what they talk about, though. Donal Trump maybe?