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Soft Blue Tones

I took this photo with my new 90mm lens. I love the tones of these fish….it really is just “another” world underwater!!

Manta Overhead!!

It always pays off to go back and look at old photos…not sure how I missed this one!! It was tough getting the color balance right, so I just converted it to a black n white…wow! I like it in black n white!!

Another World

A Great Escape I hate what is going on in the world right now…Paris comes to mind, of course. Probably why I like being underwater so much. A great escape from reality.

Strong Currents

I like strong currents. Where there are strong currents, there are lots of fish. At Mike’s Point, you can sit under an over-hang, and be protected from the current, and just sit and watch the parade of thousands of Fusiliers swim against the current…it seems to be an endless stream of them…not sure where they…