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A Tough Crowd

I followed this small school of Bat Fish in heavy current at the end of a dive. They wore me out…this was the one time I managed to get just a little ahead of the group to get this shot…most of the time, I got photos of them swimming away from me…very frustrating.

Where to Focus

Have you heard of the new Lytro Camera? Well, it is not exactly “new”, but after a photo is taken with one, you can change the focus AFTER you have taken the photo…pretty amazing stuff when you think about it. I have no idea how it works, but I have seen a demo of it,…

A Healthy Reef

This is probably what most of the reefs in Indonesia looked like 30 years ago…today, you can only find reefs like this in a handful of places around Indonesia. Sad, really…but not all is bad news…the reefs in some parts of Indonesia are coming back to life. Lets just hope that trend continues…

Nudibranch Cares For Its Eggs

Talk about an alien world…and alien world full of color!! This is one of the hundreds of varieties of Nudibranch that can be found in Raja Ampat. The big “sack” in blue are eggs.

Moray Eel

These guys look intimidating and vicious, but they are actually shy and can be like puppy dogs. When I worked in Hawaii, there were two HUGE Morays that would swim out to greet us on every dive. We named them Brutus and Clyde. They loved attention, and they would swim into my arms and wait…