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The Black Church

Iceland is indeed a place everyone should visit sometime during your life. Don’t miss it. A spectacular place….even if the weather sucks.

Old Iceland Barn

It’s been awhile since visiting my Iceland photos. It is always fun to go back into a folder of photos, and edit some that I skipped earlier.

The “Jamie Trip” Boys

The “Jamie Trip” Let me explain. We had a great friend, Jamie Wellington, a New Zealand bloke, a serious Rugby fan, who back in 2001 organized a trip for just “us guys”…no kids, and no wives…to Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra. It was a trip full of jokes, laughter, water skiing, trekking, rafting, Orangutangs, good…

Site Was Down…Again.

Sorry about the recent closure of this site I am not sure why bludomain can NOT remind me to update my domain name every year, and not sure why I can pay for multiple years. Yes, it is my responsibility to remind myself to pay for my domain name each year (15 bucks), but that…

Cool Sky In Iceland

Weather in Iceland As I talk to more and more people that have been to Iceland, I am starting to realise that I am not the only one that experienced bad weather there. I guess the weather is pretty crappy most of the year. We did have ONE good day where the sun actually came…