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Bugis Schooners

This is a famous spot in Jakarta. Sunda Kelapa. I have a ton of photos from this area, and these famous wooden schooners. They are awesome, and Jakarta (and Sulawesi) are probably the only places in the world where you can see these big wooden boats still being used to transport goods from island to…

Bird Cages and a GREEN Wall

If you have been following my blog for any time, you probably already know how much I like great textured walls and colors…ran into this wall this past Saturday…doesn’t get much better than this, folks…

Pasar Burung Pramuka (Bird Market)

A Creepy Place I headed out with a good buddy yesterday to the Bird Market in the Eastern part of Jakarta. It is HUGE…hundreds of thousands of birds ranging from the average parakeet to Golden and Scarlett Mackaws. Sad, really, to see all of these beautiful birds in small cages sitting in rows and rows…

Another Day At Work

One often loses perspective. I certainly do from time to time. So, here is this guy walking down the street barefooted carrying a load of 55 gallon drums…I think he has a different kind of day than I have every day.

Jakarta Light Houses

Funny, after all of these years living in Jakarta, I had never noticed these two lighthouses until this past Saturday. I think they are cool.