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Behind Bogor Botanical Gardens

I love going “behind the scenes” when visiting places. There are tons of photos of the regular tourist places, but hardly anyone goes behind the scenes to grab photos. This is a good example…all of these discarded pots piled up against a wall with tons of texture….I love it.

River Crossing

It must be a daily routine after school….take off your shoes, then cross the stream…but you have to splash your friends on the way across… By the way, Happy Memorial Day to those in the States as we honor our nation’s fallen soldiers…

Cleaning The Bike

These kids cracked me up…it started innocent…they rolled the bike into the river and slowly started to clean it…then they got the idea to spin the pedals…that got one of the kids wet…then a water battle began until both kids were soaked…too much fun.

Playing With The Water Buffalo

I headed up to Bogor today with a good friend and a local professional photographer to take some photos of a beautiful little Kampung in the mountains. The three of us had a blast taking photos of kids in the river. Indonesia is such a great place to be a photographer…tough to get a bad…