The B-24 Bomber at 70 Feet

One of the highlights of the dive trip last week was diving on this WWII B-24 Bomber. I don’t have all of the details of the wreck, but apparently, the plane was headed back to base from a training mission when they had an engine fire. The captain tried to put the plane down on land, but couldn’t find a safe place to put it down. So, he did a controlled landing on the water as close to land as they could get. All survived the landing, and the plane sank in less than a minute in 70 feet of water near the mangroves. It is almost completely intact and lies upright on the bottom. Amazing.

The cool thing is that the islands in this area are probably unchanged since 1945. Since it is near the mangroves, the visibility was not good….but still a great dive.

I think this looks much better as a black n white…taken with natural light…


And…here is my daughter, Kayla, next to the only engine that still had the props attached…