Jakarta Photowalk 2015

Internet Down

I came home a couple of nights ago to find we had no internet at home. It’s hard to imagine how much we depend on the internet these days. What do you do when you lose your connection? Panic. Kids in a panic because they can’t do their homework. I can’t update my blog or upload photos to facebook. No one can check their email. What to do? We are helpless. Isn’t this a sad state of affairs? Luckily, we had 3G on our phones….so email and facebook was still working. I can’t even believe I am writing this. I have fallen into the digital trap of the 21st century. I am pathetic, and need a “real” life…..HA!!

So, First Media arrived today, and replaced my old cable modem that died. We inserted another “wifi” unit in the upstairs living room, so we now have WIFI throughout the house. If you come visit us at our house, you will enjoy a nice speedy connection anywhere you sit. The kids love it. We also upgraded our speed, and it is good. Life is back to normal.

Jakarta Photowalk

So, this past Saturday, my buddy Dave White and I hosted our 8th annual photowalk (I think it was our 8th) at Sunda Kelapa (North Jakarta). We had about 40 people, and all had a great time walking around the docks of Sunda Kelapa, and the Kampungs leading to the old capital, Batavia. We had a great lunch at Cafe Batavia and waited the usual two hours for service. Cafe Batavia is a really nice place, and the food is pretty good, but the service is notoriously SLOW.

In any case, I made some new friends, and we all had a great time walking around taking photos.

In TWO WEEKS (September 5th), I head up to Sumatra again for another bout of Pacu Jawi…we have a group of 26 of us going. Should be a great day of photography!!