Diving in Bali

My New Best Dive Buddy

Pretty cool when your best dive buddy is your daughter. Kayla and I spent 5 days of Father-Daughter bonding in Bali. We dove twice a day, and in between dives explored the back roads of Bali together. What a great trip.

Tulamben has Changed ALOT

I first went to Tulamben in 1994. My Ex-Mother and Father-in-Law actually spent a couple of months there diving every day. At that time, there were only two resorts in the area, and very few divers ever ventured that far North from the party areas of Kuta. I recall Balinese women carrying two sets of equipment on their heads down the rocky beach to the Liberty Wreck where MAYBE there would be a couple of other divers on a crowded day. Just in front of the Paradise Resort, there was some of the best macro diving on the planet, and not a soul around to bother you.

Welcome to 2016. I don’t know how many resorts there are now, but there many of them up and down the beach. We stayed at a place called, Liberty Dive Resort. I chose it for the location. It is located about 100 meters up the road from the beach, and directly off of the wreck. Tulamben is no longer a secret, and there are literally hundreds of divers and snorklers visiting Tulamben daily. There was never a time on the wreck with less than 20 or so divers. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Gone are the women carrying tanks on their heads…replaced with motorcycles with big boxes hanging off the back loaded down with scuba tanks. I also did not see the large school of Jacks that I could always count on being on the wreck. I guess they took off  to a quieter place with the crowds of divers bothering them every day.

The diving was still good. Just different. I guess I am getting old and missing the old days.