The “Jamie Trip” Boys

The “Jamie Trip”

Let me explain. We had a great friend, Jamie Wellington, a New Zealand bloke, a serious Rugby fan, who back in 2001 organized a trip for just “us guys”…no kids, and no wives…to Lake Toba in Northern Sumatra. It was a trip full of jokes, laughter, water skiing, trekking, rafting, Orangutangs, good music, relaxing, and lots and lots of BEER…

We had such a great time, that Jamie declared we make this a yearly trip….same group of guys but a different location every year. We all agreed, and Jamie couldn’t wait to start planning the next trip.

The next year, Jamie went to Bali for a big Rugby tournament. I remember the day he left so vividly. He excitedly waved good-bye and told everyone to have a great weekend, as he walked out of our office door to catch his flight to Bali.

That was last time I ever saw Jamie. The night he arrived in Bali, he made a last minute decision to go out for a beer with his rugby friends. He was walking into the pub when the Bali Terrorists set their bombs off. He was killed instantly. The date, October 12, 2002. A tragic day, and a day I (we) will never forget.

In Jamie’s memory, we have made a trip somewhere every year since. Counting our trip with Jamie, we have been on 14 trips together. Some of the members of our group are now living in different parts of the world…four of us are still in Jakarta, one in China, one in Switzerland, and one in the States. Our last trip was in Iceland two summers ago. Since we are getting more and more spread out, and because our families are getting older, it is getting more and more difficult to get together for another trip…but we are determined to keep the tradition and Jamie’s memory alive. We missed our first trip last year, but are planning a new trip this summer…location yet to be determined.

So…HERE’S TO JAMIE !! May the “Jamie Trip” last a lifetime….!!

JamieBoysThe above photo was in Iceland…we were missing our good friend, Rob, who was stuck in China…


We were missing another of our members in Guatemala for JT 13…Scott was stuck in Switzerland…