New Site Almost Finished

If you are wondering why there has been a dramatic decline in posts on this website, I do have an excuse. I have been working daily for many hours building my new website. I have almost everything complete. I am now rebuilding my galleries in my portfolio. I have three completed, and continue to work on the rest. I hope to have the site finished before I leave for India on Saturday. So be looking for the launch of the new site!!

One thing really cool about ProPhoto Blogs is that I can work on the new website behind the scenes. Only I can view the new site, and my original website is still active and seen by the public. Usually, you have to temporarily disable the old site while the new one is being worked on…and I don’t like that.

If you are looking to build a website for yourself, I highly recommend ProPhoto Blogs….

So….stay tuned!! Hopefully, the new site will be up and operational this week!!