New Website Officially LAUNCHED !

Just in time…tomorrow is the last day of work before Summer Vacation!

I am still working on adding a couple more photo galleries to my Portfolio, but there is enough there already to keep you entertained. Check out the portfolio section. When you click on a thumbnail, the photos are blown up HUGE, and you can scroll from there. I really like the look of the galleries…way better than my old site. The other cool thing about the new site is that it automatically resizes depending on the platform you are using…ranging from your iphone to a big desktop computer! That is certainly a cool new feature of Prophoto 6 !!

Headed to Ladakh (Northern India) on Saturday

I will be headed to Ladakh with 23 students on Saturday for 15 days. Really looking forward to the trip. It has been on my bucket list for a number of years. Always good to click those bucket list items off !! So look forward to a new gallery of photos from that trip in a few weeks. Of course, there is little to zero internet out there, so don’t be expecting any updates to this blog for awhile!!