Photo Tours

Start Living…Join a Photo Tour With Last Flight Out Photography!!

Ever pick up that book, 1000 Things To Do Before You Die? Well, time is getting short…it’s time you started ticking off those things on your Bucket List…it’s time TO GO and DO IT !! Work can wait, that project can wait, your boss can wait (we hope)…it’s time to take that trip of a life time!!

We will do all the organizing for you!! All you need is some time, a camera, and a good attitude…and we hope you really like taking photos because our trips are “all about the photos”. You won’t get any complaining from us if we have to wait for you to get the shot…no way…we are all on the same page…you won’t get any complaints from us if all you talk about is photography…we welcome those conversations 24/7… and the best part…you won’t have to worry about where to go to get the best shots, and where to find the best light…we got that covered!!

AND… unlike other photo tours, we won’t break your bank…our trips are affordable…we want you to “tick off” as many of those bucket list items as you can!!