A Market in Vietnam

I took a motorcycle trip this past summer from Hanoi to Sapa in North Vietnam. This was one of the small towns I stayed in on the way. I went out for a short photowalk in the town just as the sun was going down. It seemed like everyone was selling the same fruit…I think it is called, Longan Fruit…but not sure. I kept wondering how they actually make money when everyone is selling the same thing.

Take a Seat in Beijing

Just realized I am getting worse when it comes to making posts on a regular basis. Sorry about that.

I was going through my photos from my trip to Beijing last month, and found this one. They were playing this fantastic Saxophone solo from the bus where these chairs were located..I wish I had asked who it was…it really set the scene well.

The Middle School Tree

I have been working with my Photography 2 students on creating panoramas. Did you know that Light Room can now stitch together a Pano? It does a really good job too!! For this one, I used Autopano Giga. It seems to handle large files and many photos better than LR. For more simple panos, though, Light Room is fine. To shoot the one below, I took 65 photos in four rows….hand held. Autopano Giga does an amazing job of taking those 65 photos (probably taken at the wrong angle, etc) to form the final image. Amazing.