You heard that right…11 times to Sumatra to see Pacu Jawi. It never gets old, though. BUT, it is getting harder and harder to capture something new and better than what I have captured before. I take way less photos as I have gotten really picky on what I shoot. I have my favorite riders now, and I only like taking photos of the larger cows. Some riders just don’t photograph well, and I know which ones do and which ones don’t. I laugh at myself. The shots below are the only three I like from the trip…and I am still not totally thrilled with them. I think next time I go, I will concentrate on getting some good video. If I ever get my drone fixed, I will concentrate on drone photos. Ha!!



This past July, I took a walking tour of Bushwick in New York City (Brooklyn). It is THE area for street art, and artists from all over the world come here to do their thing. I like this photo of a photoshoot going on during our tour. I posted an album of photos on Facebook of some of the art….check it out HERE


I had with me my 85mm and my 16-35mm lens…that was it. If I tried to capture this scene with my 16-35mm, everything would look too far away. Of course, I couldn’t fit the entire scene into one photo with the 85mm…so, what to do? Create a Pano with the 85mm!! I just started on the left side in the sky and shot overlapping  vertical photos to the right, and then went right to left capturing the foreground.

Then it was all the work of the incredible piece of software called Autopano Giga 3 to stitch all the photos together to create this Pano.

Kauai, Hawaii is one of my favorite spots on Earth. I lived there for a few years in the early 90’s. I had not been back since this past June. I used to work in Poipu, and so it was one of the first spots I visited. Wow, how it has changed. I barely recognized the place. However, on the North side of the island, it pretty much looks the same as I remember it. A few more developments and houses, but basically the same. That was good to see. It IS very expensive though. We couldn’t do much as everything cost a fortune, so we just drove around, did some walking and hung out at the beach…a glorious week back in Paradise!!