Duck Herder in Mandalay

The Bridge in Mandalay (Myanmar) is one of those iconic photo places. The actual name of the bridge is U Bein Bridge, but I don’t think anyone knows it by that name. I was really excited to take photos of monks walking on the bridge, but was disappointed to see thousands of people walking on the bridge and thousands more sitting in boats waiting for the sunset. So, I didn’t take any of the typical photos that all the other tourists were taking. Instead, I saw this duck herder with his flock of ducks…the way the shadow of the bridge falls on the water is classic coupled with the ripples of the water. I thought it made for a nice composition.

Preah Khan

Believe it or not, I am STILL going through all my photos from Cambodia this past Christmas. My computer is still down, and my new iMac Pro is supposed to arrive at the end of this month. This is the reason I have not made any posts. It’s not a great excuse, as I am making this post on my computer at work, but I am going to use it as my excuse for such laziness…

Textures and Colors

1000 years old

By the way, is it COLOR or COLOUR?? I think my spell checker is a Brit…haha.

I love these “pillars”…you see them in just about every temple in Cambodia. I guess the King back then must have really liked them. These colors (or colours) are real…I was amazed at the different algae that was growing on all of the old stones.

Kayla Shooting the Sony

Since I bought the new Sony A7R3 (my short review coming soon), I had my Sony A7R1 and A7R2 available for my daughter, Kayla to give a try. She took the Mark 1 with her on our trip to Cambodia. For the most part, she had to shoot manually, but it has been a great learning tool for her, and she is getting some great shots!! Maybe photography runs in the family?? Photo genes??

Floating Village

Kampong Phluk

Near Siem Reap, there are a couple of “floating” villages on Tonle Sap Lake that are frequented by tourists. Some of the houses are actually floating, but many are built high in the air on stilts. I find them really fascinating. Just floating on a boat, and watching life drift by is a really fun way to spend the afternoon.