Just in time…tomorrow is the last day of work before Summer Vacation!

I am still working on adding a couple more photo galleries to my Portfolio, but there is enough there already to keep you entertained. Check out the portfolio section. When you click on a thumbnail, the photos are blown up HUGE, and you can scroll from there. I really like the look of the galleries…way better than my old site. The other cool thing about the new site is that it automatically resizes depending on the platform you are using…ranging from your iphone to a big desktop computer! That is certainly a cool new feature of Prophoto 6 !!

Headed to Ladakh (Northern India) on Saturday

I will be headed to Ladakh with 23 students on Saturday for 15 days. Really looking forward to the trip. It has been on my bucket list for a number of years. Always good to click those bucket list items off !! So look forward to a new gallery of photos from that trip in a few weeks. Of course, there is little to zero internet out there, so don’t be expecting any updates to this blog for awhile!!

If you are wondering why there has been a dramatic decline in posts on this website, I do have an excuse. I have been working daily for many hours building my new website. I have almost everything complete. I am now rebuilding my galleries in my portfolio. I have three completed, and continue to work on the rest. I hope to have the site finished before I leave for India on Saturday. So be looking for the launch of the new site!!

One thing really cool about ProPhoto Blogs is that I can work on the new website behind the scenes. Only I can view the new site, and my original website is still active and seen by the public. Usually, you have to temporarily disable the old site while the new one is being worked on…and I don’t like that.

If you are looking to build a website for yourself, I highly recommend ProPhoto Blogs….

So….stay tuned!! Hopefully, the new site will be up and operational this week!!

Pacu Jawi Once Again

Yes, you heard that right. This was my 10th trip to Sumatra to see Pacu Jawi. This event was once again at a brand new location, and it was a good one. We had set up for us a nice tent and bamboo platform for one of the best views of the bull riders coming down the rice paddies. It was also roped off so that only our group could be in that area. It was a nice touch, and made it easy for photos as we didn’t have to get down into the mud to see the action.


New Website Coming

I just upgraded to ProPhoto 6, and am trying to re-design my website. It is a steep learning curve, and I am slowly getting there. The nice thing about this new version is that I can continue to work on the new website without this one being affected. So you will continue to see this website until I make the new one live. So, one of these days soon, you will see a new website when you click on scottygraham.com…!


I Have a New Job

I just posted on Facebook the other day about my change of jobs. I have been teaching High School Mathematics for the past 20+ years, and doing photography “on the side”. Well, next school year, I will be a FULL TIME Photography teacher. This is a dream come true for me. To be paid to talk about and take photos all day every day is what dreams are made of. A good friend told me that to actually do your passion for a living doesn’t come around every day. I am really excited.

Class Photowalk

I have been teaching a couple of classes of photography mixed in with my Math classes the past couple of years. One of the things I like to do with my class is to take them out of school, and walk around a local Kampung, and take photos. It give the kids a chance to practice all they have learned about the camera in a real life setting. The kids all take photos, and then we go back to the classroom and edit the photos, and then we print their favorites. The best part is we then take the prints back to the Kampung and hand them out to the people who were photographed. It’s really a great little service project.