Kayla Shooting the Sony

Since I bought the new Sony A7R3 (my short review coming soon), I had my Sony A7R1 and A7R2 available for my daughter, Kayla to give a try. She took the Mark 1 with her on our trip to Cambodia. For the most part, she had to shoot manually, but it has been a great learning tool for her, and she is getting some great shots!! Maybe photography runs in the family?? Photo genes??

Floating Village

Kampong Phluk

Near Siem Reap, there are a couple of “floating” villages on Tonle Sap Lake that are frequented by tourists. Some of the houses are actually floating, but many are built high in the air on stilts. I find them really fascinating. Just floating on a boat, and watching life drift by is a really fun way to spend the afternoon.

Angkor Wat Temple

Computer Problems and Website Down AGAIN

Some things never change. EVERY year, Bludomain shuts down my website because I didn’t pay 15 bucks to renew. Every year, I ask they send me a reminder, and every year they don’t, so every year, my friend Kes Klare sends me an email telling me my site is down. Arrrgggh…

Well, it is back up again, and I hope it doesn’t happen again next year…but don’t have high hopes! Ha!

Last month, my home computer (that stores ALL of my photos) suddenly wouldn’t start up. Bad graphics card, I have been told. I tried to get it fixed, by Apple tells me that my iMac is considered “Vintage”, and the part can’t be replaced. So, I am now waiting for the new iMac PRO to arrive…hopefully, in mid February. Not to make excuses, but this is the reason for such a long delay in making posts to this site. Sorry. I now have all my editing software here at work, so can start making posts from work (which I am doing now).


Over the Christmas break, I took my family to Cambodia. We skipped Pnom Penn this time around. I had been there many years ago, and remembered the weird feeling that city had/has. Many lives were lost back in the 70’s during the Pol Pot years (the killing fields). It is not a pleasant place to visit, but a necessary place for most to see. We all hope nothing like that ever occurs again.

Anyway, we flew directly to Siem Reap…the small resort town that was built near the Angkor Wat temple complex. I could not believe the changes since I was there last in 1998. Back in 1998, there were no hotels, and only a couple of bars next to dusty dirt roads. The temples were all empty of tourists…you could walk around the main temple of Angkor Wat all by yourself. Back then it was still a pretty unknown site on the tourist trail.

Skip ahead 20 years. Wow. There are now hundreds of places to stay, a “pub street” teaming with bars, restaurants, night clubs and shops. The place is packed with tourists!! In 1998, I watched the sunrise with two other people at Angkor Wat…this time, there were THOUSANDS of people. Chinese and Korean tourists were by far the most abundant. Angkor Wat is no longer a hidden secret amongst the hardiest of travelers. It is a full blown tourist stop, now. Check out the photo below if you don’t believe me…

The world is not the same anymore. There are fewer and fewer places left that have not already been exploited by millions of tourists!! I would be willing to guess that even Antarctica is starting to get crowded…

Because I knew there would be many tourists, I booked my trip through a Photographic Tour Company. I wanted them to take us to the temples about three hours north of Siem Reap that the tourists haven’t really found yet. Success!! We visited a few temples near the Thailand border where we pretty much had the place to ourselves!! But, beware….I am sure it will only be a matter of a few years, and those temples will also be invaded by the hordes of Chinese and Korean tourists!!

A Cool Temple Near Angkor Wat

Sorry, completely forgot the name of this temple. I know my wife, Tika, wrote the name down, but I wasn’t as smart. We went here early in the morning while most of the large crowds were at Angkor Wat for sunrise (see above). We had about an hour in the place before we saw another tourist, but it got more and more crowded as it got closer to lunch. I wanted to get a good shot of the front of the temple, but there was ALWAYS some person or persons coming out of the “front door” or taking selfies next to that huge tree or taking a group photo…so frustrating waiting for people to get out of the way. There was a period of about 10 seconds where I had a clean shot….I quickly took SEVEN photos from left to right to get a pano. While taking my series of photos, a couple of people walked in front of me….but luckily, they were easily removed in Photoshop.

Something New

Trouble with WordPress

Not sure what has been happening the past few days, but I have been unable to write a post. For some reason, it is finally working tonight. Whew…I could write the title of the post, but couldn’t get my cursor to appear in the text section.

Dance Photo

This photo is a bit “out there” for me and my style of photography. I have been playing around with some new Photoshop brushes I bought on-line. They are really fun to use, and can really add a little extra to my photos. I took this photo in the studio against a green screen. The green screen background made it very easy to extract the dancer from the background and add a new one. Very cool stuff.