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  • Last Flight Out Photography!

    I get this question a lot..."Scotty, why Last Flight Out Photography?".

    Well, let's say you are on a trip to some exotic location like....uh....Iceland, for example. There are three flights heading home on the last day of your in the morning, one in the afternoon, and the last flight leaving just after dinner. Which one do you choose? If it were me, I would choose the Last Flight Out because I want to spend every last minute I can getting just ONE more shot....know what I mean?

    This blog/website highlights my favorite photographs from trips I make around the world. There's nothing I love more than sharing my passion for photography.

    I am a High School Photography Teacher at the Jakarta Intercultural School in Jakarta, Indonesia. If you are ever in this part of the world, give me a call, and we can go out shooting together. Thanks for visiting my site, and please come back again and again...

Recommended Show on Netflix

My good buddy, Rick White, told me about this show called, Abstract – The Art of Design….CLICK HERE for a preview of the show. The episode about photography is excellent. Want to get motivated? Check it out…you won’t be sorry you did.

Muck Diving in Lembeh

I am taking my daughter, Kayla, with me to the Lembeh Straight near Manado. For years, I have seen phenomenal photos from Lembeh of some of the strangest creatures of the sea. It is known as the Muck Diving Mecca. I will spend a week there, and hoping for some cool photos!!


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I have had a terrible time with Spam Comments….downloaded a program to stop the Spam, but for some reason, the Spam is still getting in….so, I have disabled my comments for the time being….not that I get many comments anyway…

If you need to contact me, or want to comment, you can just click on “contact”, and send me a message….


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It’s been awhile since visiting my Iceland photos. It is always fun to go back into a folder of photos, and edit some that I skipped earlier.


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