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    I get this question a lot..."Scotty, why Last Flight Out Photography?".

    Well, let's say you are on a trip to some exotic location like....uh....Iceland, for example. There are three flights heading home on the last day of your in the morning, one in the afternoon, and the last flight leaving just after dinner. Which one do you choose? If it were me, I would choose the Last Flight Out because I want to spend every last minute I can getting just ONE more shot....know what I mean?

    This blog/website highlights my favorite photographs from trips I make around the world. There's nothing I love more than sharing my passion for photography.

    I am a High School Photography Teacher at the Jakarta Intercultural School in Jakarta, Indonesia. If you are ever in this part of the world, give me a call, and we can go out shooting together. Thanks for visiting my site, and please come back again and again...

Sorry For This Site Going Down (AGAIN)

I don’t seem to learn. I am reminded by one of my faithful readers, (Kes Klare) every year that my site has gone down because my domain name has expired. It happens on January 11th, and I ALWAYS forget until I got to my site, and get the dreaded message that my domain has expired. I paid the 15 bucks, and then have to write to Blue Domain to tell them I have paid my bill, and to make my site active again. So there you have it. Thanks, Kes, for the reminder every year!

Today’s Photo

I gotta admit…I am a bit embarrassed how long it has been since making my last post. May I use the excuse, “I have been super busy”? Pretty lame excuse, actually. I mean it doesn’t take that long to make a blog post…but, I am going to stick with the lame excuse.

I am still editing my Myanmar photos, believe it or not. So, here is another I edited tonight.

Most of the Buddhas at Bagan have been rebuilt. Apparently, many of the originals were either destroyed during the many earth quakes that have haunted Bagan over the years or stolen from poachers who sell the old Buddhas to creepy black market folks. For some reason, this one is one of the originals, and it was a cool one.


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I had a great deal about Inle Lake. If you google photos of Inle Lake, you will get mostly photos of the people fishing. The fishing technique is unique, but Inle Lake has so much more to offer than just its fishermen. I thought it would end up being my least favorite destination in Myanmar, so I only scheduled a day there. As it turns out, it was by far my favorite destination in Myanmar, and wished I had a couple more days there. The place is totally unique. I didn’t see any cars. Only boats. People literally live ON the water… they get around by boats and their houses are built on stilts. It’s kind of like the “Venice of the East”. Totally cool. When I get some more photos processed from there, I will publish them.

Some Boats

I loved the boats. These two shots are my favorite of the boats…


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Light Rays in Bagan

We were lucky to find this small pagoda in Bagan, Myanmar. I was visiting another pagoda, and there was a guy selling trinkets just outside the entrance. He saw my camera, and with broken English, he told me it was his dream camera. He then showed me a couple of photos on his phone that he took of another pagoda with these fantastic light rays. I asked him what time of day he took the photo. It was around 11:00, and I was afraid he was going to tell me he took the photos in the morning. We were leaving the next day (early), so I would have missed my chance. Lucky for me, he said the rays come in at around 3:30 – 4:00 in the afternoon, and he could take me there if I wanted…but it would cost me 20 bucks. I didn’t even haggle with him….I immediately said, “YES…please take me there”.

So, we met him a few hours later, and we followed him on his motorbike to this kind of isolated spot in Old Bagan. We walked into the small pagoda, and there were two Buddhas and two young monks inside, but I didn’t see any light rays. He just told me to wait, they would come…and sure enough, at around 4:00, the light starting coming into the window. We asked the monks if we could take photos of them while they read their Buddhist book and prayed (the guide translated for us), and they nodded in agreement, and the photo shoot was on. Woo Hoo. The best part? No other tourists around…and I don’t know where else you can find these perfect light rays!!


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Wow! What a week of travel. As I mentioned before, this was my second trip to Myanmar. Last time, I skipped all of the tourist place, and went off the beaten path to the Eastern shore of Myanmar. This time, I went to all of the tourist places…Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, and Mandalay. Other than dealing with crowds of tourists, I can see why these place attract all of the tourists. Actually, it wasn’t really that bad. You could get away from the crowds quite easily, and find some nice remote spots. Myanmar is not yet totally ruined by tourists and still has its natural charm. The people are incredible…so laid back and friendly. A wonderful country to visit, and a photographic dream spot.

I am still going through all of my photos, and will post them as I find some gems…here is the first of my favorites so far…

Monks Walking

We had just visited a nice temple in Bagan, and were walking down this long empty passageway, when we turned around to see two young monks walking down the passageway with their daily collection of food from the temple. I had to act fast to get the right settings on my camera, and snapped away as they walked toward me. This was taken with my new Sony 85mm lens…that lens was on my camera most of the trip….it is one awesome lens, and I can say without a doubt the best lens I have ever owned.



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