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  • Last Flight Out Photography!

    I get this question a lot..."Scotty, why Last Flight Out Photography?".

    Well, let's say you are on a trip to some exotic location like....uh....Iceland, for example. There are three flights heading home on the last day of your in the morning, one in the afternoon, and the last flight leaving just after dinner. Which one do you choose? If it were me, I would choose the Last Flight Out because I want to spend every last minute I can getting just ONE more shot....know what I mean?

    This blog/website highlights my favorite photographs from trips I make around the world. There's nothing I love more than sharing my passion for photography.

    I am a High School Photography Teacher at the Jakarta Intercultural School in Jakarta, Indonesia. If you are ever in this part of the world, give me a call, and we can go out shooting together. Thanks for visiting my site, and please come back again and again...

Have you ever looked at a photograph and wished you could be there…and then one day, your dream comes true, and you are standing right in front of the object you saw in the photograph?? That is what it was like when I saw the large glass pyramid in front of the Louvre in Paris. I have seen photos of this pyramid, and wished I were there. There is nothing like seeing something “in the real” ! The best part is that I had total freedom to shoot the pyramid the way I wanted to shoot it, and maybe someone will look at MY photo and wish they were there!!


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Sorry For The Long Delay in Posting

Ok, WOW….it has been a LONG time since making a post. So sorry about that. I have been gone on an EPIC journey through Europe with my family the past two months. One of those “once in a lifetime” type trips.

A Great Summer of Travel

It started in London where I met my parents, my sister, my brother-in-law, and my Aunt and Uncle on a cruise ship in South Hampton. We left London, and cruised to Guernsey Island, Cork (Ireland), Dublin, Liverpool, Belfast, Glasgow, Invergordon (Scotland), Edinburgh, Normandy and then back to South Hampton. An epic cruise. So much fun, great food, and great to be with family.

After the cruise, my family and I flew to Lisbon, Portugal…we were there when Portugal won the European Cup. Exciting times to say the least. We then took the train to Porto, Portugal. Awesome city. Then a week in Paris…another fantastic week. My family then flew back to Jakarta, and I went to Geneva to visit an old friend. Two days later, we landed in the Arctic circle for a week in the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway.

My First Edited Photo of the Summer

I just spent the last two hours downloading my photos to my computer. I had posted a few on Facebook during the trip, but they were photos straight from my camera unedited. I am now going through my 3000+ photos, and choosing my best to edit….in the following weeks, I will post my favorites from the summer.

This one below is my first edited photo. It is a panorama of 25 photos taken above the town of Reina. To get up here was a treacherous hike. There were signs at the bottom stating that the hike was not recommended as it was very steep, slippery and dangerous. We made the hike anyway, and wow…were we rewarded with a fantastic view.


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The diving was not Raja Ampat by a long shot, but having said that, it was good! Kayla and I really liked Nusa Lembongan. If you have never heard of Lembongan, it is an island off the shores of Bali. It is about a half-hour speed boat ride from Sanur. Well worth the trip out there. It is like the Bali of the old days…still not heavily developed, but some good restaurants and nice villas to stay. We did two dives in the morning, and then had the afternoons off to explore the island by motorbike. We went to Manta Point every morning, but were not lucky and saw no Mantas….but the trip out there was fantastic with the towering cliffs of Nusa Penida, and the ocean breaking up against the cliffs. Spectacular. I wish I had brought my camera to get some shots of the cliffs, but the boat ride was just too rough, and my camera would have certainly been swamped with water!

This photo is off the shores of Lembongan….I could sit for hours watching the giant waves hit the rocks!!


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Have you seen Erik Johansson’s work? He is frankly my idol….an incredible photographer/Photoshop artist. He is very inspiring.

I made my own attempt at a composite image, but it is very elementary compared to what Erik does…but you gotta start somewhere, right?


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