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  • Last Flight Out Photography!

    I get this question a lot..."Scotty, why Last Flight Out Photography?".

    Well, let's say you are on a trip to some exotic location like....uh....Iceland, for example. There are three flights heading home on the last day of your in the morning, one in the afternoon, and the last flight leaving just after dinner. Which one do you choose? If it were me, I would choose the Last Flight Out because I want to spend every last minute I can getting just ONE more shot....know what I mean?

    This blog/website highlights my favorite photographs from trips I make around the world. There's nothing I love more than sharing my passion for photography.

    I am a High School Photography Teacher at the Jakarta Intercultural School in Jakarta, Indonesia. If you are ever in this part of the world, give me a call, and we can go out shooting together. Thanks for visiting my site, and please come back again and again...

Summer vacation is fast approaching! Four days, in fact. My favorite time of year, obviously!

This year, we are headed to the UK where we will me my parents, and join them on a cruise around the Kingdom. England, Ireland, Scotland, and a stop in Normandy before heading back to London. Then, we are off to Portugal and Spain. It will be epic, I am sure!!


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There were only 4 of us this time around. A nice small group. Our timing was perfect! When we got there, it started to rain just a bit. It then stopped, and my friend Fred and I went for a short photowalk before the races began. This guy was sitting on the side of the street with crutches and asked me to take his photo. I happily obliged, and it ended up being my favorite portrait of the day.

The weather cleared up nicely, and we were able to shoot the races for a couple of hours. I flew my drone as well, and got the shot below of the entire scene. As soon as we left, it poured buckets of rain….just in time!!



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Troubles with My Leica

I still love my Leica, but I have had my share of troubles, and have a new problem. Two years ago, I had the CCD replaced (they did it for free) as it suddenly went bad. It took a few months to have the new CCD replaced. Now, that new CCD is giving me problems. I thought it was just dust on my CCD, so I brought it into the shop to have it cleaned. The guy at the shop told me that the “spots” were under the protective cover of the CCD….Apparently, in hot humid environments (like Jakarta), the CCD gets small water spots under the protective covering….not really sure if I explained that right, but it is annoying as I have to send the camera back to Leica to get it repaired….arrrrrgh.

I took the photo below with my Leica, and had to use the spot removal tool about 100 times to get rid of all of those spots. I still get amazing files from that little M9, but those spots are really annoying….


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