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Site Was Down…Again.

Sorry about the recent closure of this site I am not sure why bludomain can NOT remind me to update my domain name every year, and not sure why I can pay for multiple years. Yes, it is my responsibility to remind myself to pay for my domain name each year (15 bucks), but that…

Somehow Missed This One

It was one of those Sundays….raining all day, and quiet at the house….so, I decided to cruise through some of my old photographs to see if I could find one I missed long ago….and found this one. Goes to show….never throw anything away, and always go back and have another look a few months later…

Norway Barn

Norway is gorgeous. On top of the fjords, there is this tundra area that stretches for hundreds of miles…incredible.

Abandoned Barn

One of the many things I loved about Iceland was the number of abandoned barns, houses and other buildings…truly a photographer’s dream. This one was right next to the road, and it was the graffiti that first caught my eye…but then the old paint and other textures on the front of the barn sold the…

Early Morning Meeting

Photoshop Workshop THIS Saturday If interested in attending my Photoshop workshop this Saturday, don’t hesitate to send me an email. It will be at Jakarta International School from 8:00 till 11:00. Cost is only Rp. 300,000. Photo of the Day Gotta love the light, heh?