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Raja Ampat 2016

How do you choose the best photo from a lot of 200 keepers? I took over a thousand photos, and narrowed those down to around 200. The diving in Raja Ampat, was of course, incredible as usual. I walked away with a bunch of cool photos, and will post a few of my favorites as…

The Blue Hour

There’s that time at late dusk where the indirect sunlight takes on a blue hue…it’s called the “Blue Hour”…In Northern Norway, in the summer, the Blue Hour is way more than an hour…I think I took this photo at around 10:00 pm…

Summer Vacation in TWO days

When I was kid and you asked someone why they became a teacher, they said, “three words…June, July and August”. Yea baby !! It sure rings true this time of year. I have two days of work left, and then it is SUMMER VACATION! I still feel like a kid when the summer roles around!

Soft Blue Tones

I took this photo with my new 90mm lens. I love the tones of these fish….it really is just “another” world underwater!!