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Storm Over Pulau Kri

Gotta Love A Good Storm I have always loved mean, dark clouds….makes for really nice photos. I particularly like this one as there are those nice “rays of light” amongst the dark, gloomy clouds….there’s a story in there somewhere…

We Need Rain

The skies in Jakarta lately have been just those boring white skies. Well, today, we had blue skies…but they are just as boring as white skies. I prefer those raging thunder storms where the clouds look really mean…like this storm in Jogjakarta last year. I had only a couple of minutes before the sky opened…


I just returned from a ten day trip to Ireland. Toured the southern part of the country, and played a couple of rounds of golf with my Dad. Amazing country with amazing people!! I can’t wait to go back…

The Norway Countryside

On our long drives through Norway last summer, we would pass these lakes that would be perfectly still. They were like gigantic mirrors. Norway is incredible. I really want to go back.