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Boats at Inle Lake, Myanmar

I had a great deal about Inle Lake. If you google photos of Inle Lake, you will get mostly photos of the people fishing. The fishing technique is unique, but Inle Lake has so much more to offer than just its fishermen. I thought it would end up being my least favorite destination in Myanmar,…

Annual Jakarta Photowalk

Guided another group of 26 people to Sunda Kelapa again this past Saturday. Always a great walk, and always new images to capture.

My Leica M9

Troubles with My Leica I still love my Leica, but I have had my share of troubles, and have a new problem. Two years ago, I had the CCD replaced (they did it for free) as it suddenly went bad. It took a few months to have the new CCD replaced. Now, that new CCD…