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Another Day At Work

One often loses perspective. I certainly do from time to time. So, here is this guy walking down the street barefooted carrying a load of 55 gallon drums…I think he has a different kind of day than I have every day.

Jakarta Light Houses

Funny, after all of these years living in Jakarta, I had never noticed these two lighthouses until this past Saturday. I think they are cool.


I took a group out this past Saturday up to Sunda Kelapa. My main goal was to get a new photo of the Bajai as my old ones were lost with my hard drive failure a couple of years ago. It has been awhile since I added some textures to my photos, so it was…

The Tree Near My House

I pass this tree most every day on my way home from work. It is about 5 minutes from our house. Every time I pass it, I think, “Man, I gotta get a photo of this tree one day”. The problem is that the traffic around this tree is pretty heavy, and I had no…

North Jakarta

I went out with my buddy yesterday afternoon to North Jakarta. I took only my Leica 35mm lens and the Sony A7R. It is often a fun challenge to take one prime lens, and see what you can capture. This is my favorite shot from the day…