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Storm Over Pulau Kri

Gotta Love A Good Storm I have always loved mean, dark clouds….makes for really nice photos. I particularly like this one as there are those nice “rays of light” amongst the dark, gloomy clouds….there’s a story in there somewhere…

Another World

A Great Escape I hate what is going on in the world right now…Paris comes to mind, of course. Probably why I like being underwater so much. A great escape from reality.

Somehow Missed This One

It was one of those Sundays….raining all day, and quiet at the house….so, I decided to cruise through some of my old photographs to see if I could find one I missed long ago….and found this one. Goes to show….never throw anything away, and always go back and have another look a few months later…

Weaving Baskets

Photoshop Workshop and Photo Shoot in Sumatra Just wanted to announce that I will be co-teaching a Photoshop workshop on Saturday at Jakarta International School. There are still a couple of spots open if you are interested. Just send me an email. It will be a three hour long workshop and cost only 30 dollars….

Just After Sunrise

People are too funny. There must have been a thousand people all up at 4:00 in the morning climbing into jeeps to take them across the crater and up to the popular view point to see the sunrise. Kayla and I woke up at 5:00, and there was no-one left….all were already making the trip…