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So Peaceful

I can’t think of a more peaceful place than the Lofoten Islands in Norway. It truly is paradise!! This is a place I could return to every year and never get tired of it.

The Blue Hour

There’s that time at late dusk where the indirect sunlight takes on a blue hue…it’s called the “Blue Hour”…In Northern Norway, in the summer, the Blue Hour is way more than an hour…I think I took this photo at around 10:00 pm…

The Sony Zeiss FE 16-35mm

I bought this lens just before my trip to Norway this summer. So happy I did. Wow….what a lens! In fact, every Sony Zeiss lens I own are just outstanding coupled with the Sony A7Rll. Before I bought the Sony lenses, I was using an adapter to attach my Leica glass onto the camera. Don’t…

Drying Fish Racks

I have never seen these huge triangle fish racks in any other place. It must be unique to Northern Norway…very cool.