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Pano of North Vietnam Rice Fields

I had with me my 85mm and my 16-35mm lens…that was it. If I tried to capture this scene with my 16-35mm, everything would look too far away. Of course, I couldn’t fit the entire scene into one photo with the 85mm…so, what to do? Create a Pano with the 85mm!! I just started on…

Early Morning Stop in North Vietnam

What a great motorcycle tour through North Vietnam. My guide  (Ngoc) and I left Hanoi, and traveled over 405 km together through the mountains of NW Vietnam to the town of Sapa. I had been to Sapa about 15 years ago with a group of students, and I hardly recognized the place. What used to…

Drying Fish Racks

I have never seen these huge triangle fish racks in any other place. It must be unique to Northern Norway…very cool.

The Quiet Pier

There was a small fire on shore burning some leaves or something…the smoke from the fire drifted slowly out onto the water creating this surreal effect.

Another Balloon Shot From Turkey

I had to send around 20 shots from my Balloon trip last summer in Turkey to England to possibly be published. That got me to dive back into those photos and post process a few more of them. This one is one I missed before, but a good shot as the sun was coming up…