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Drone Working Again

I have had countless troubles with my drone (the DJI Inspire 1). I took back to the shop this past weekend, and it is working once again!! Just in time for my trip back to Raja Ampat on Sunday. Can’t wait for a nice week of diving and taking photos with my daughter, Kayla!!

Drone Photo Contest

So DJI is running a Photo Contest. Photos must have been taken in the year 2016, and are photos taken from the air from any drone. I usually don’t enter contests, but decided to put some photos in for consideration. It was free, and I could enter as many photos as I wanted….here are the…

Raja Ampat 2016

How do you choose the best photo from a lot of 200 keepers? I took over a thousand photos, and narrowed those down to around 200. The diving in Raja Ampat, was of course, incredible as usual. I walked away with a bunch of cool photos, and will post a few of my favorites as…

My Leica M9

Troubles with My Leica I still love my Leica, but I have had my share of troubles, and have a new problem. Two years ago, I had the CCD replaced (they did it for free) as it suddenly went bad. It took a few months to have the new CCD replaced. Now, that new CCD…