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Down By The River

There was all kinds of action going on down at the river banks on our six hour journey from Sitway to Mrauk U, Burma.

Fishing in Burma

Trouble with Titles I don’t know about you, but I have trouble coming up with titles for my posts and photos. What would you name this photo? My ideas were, “Tree in Burma”, “Man and His Tree”, “Tree Along the River”, “Fisherman Under The Tree”….hehe…I don’t know…maybe “Fishing in Burma” is not really a good…

Down By The River

This shot was taken in Central Jakarta on a photowalk. There is another world by the river. So much going on. Kids playing and being kids, moms washing clothes and cooking, men talking, sitting around, riding motor bikes and working on projects around the Kampung. The colors, textures and all things photographic are in abundance….it…

River Crossing

It must be a daily routine after school….take off your shoes, then cross the stream…but you have to splash your friends on the way across… By the way, Happy Memorial Day to those in the States as we honor our nation’s fallen soldiers…

Cleaning The Bike

These kids cracked me up…it started innocent…they rolled the bike into the river and slowly started to clean it…then they got the idea to spin the pedals…that got one of the kids wet…then a water battle began until both kids were soaked…too much fun.