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Another Day at the Office

Can you believe it is May already?? Where did this year go?? I have only a month of school left, and then?……SUMMER VACATION!! One of the best things about being a teacher!! Just love this dude….and love the texture in the background….

Bantar Gebang…A Very Short Documentary

You have seen the photos. Below is the short video my students put together following one student, Riko, that lives in the dump and attends school next to his community in the dump. I am proud of the job my students did with this short video…  

Back To The Jakarta Dump (Bantar Gebang)

A Short Documentary The 10th grade students all have “service week” this week. They are all learning how to make a short documentary. A local production company, In Docs, brought camera men, producers, editors, directors, etc to school to give the kids a crash course in making a documentary. Today, was filming day. I brought…