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Heading Back to Myanmar

I took a trip to Myanmar (Burma) a couple of years ago. I told my travel agent I wanted to avoid the tourist areas and go off the beaten path. That is exactly what I did. I headed to the small town of Mrauk U, which is near the border of Bangladesh. They call it…

Working in Bali

Usually, it is the women carrying huge loads on their heads, but this time, there were some men mixed in the action too! The men carry things on their shoulders, while the women carry stuff on their heads!

Another Day at the Office

Can you believe it is May already?? Where did this year go?? I have only a month of school left, and then?……SUMMER VACATION!! One of the best things about being a teacher!! Just love this dude….and love the texture in the background….


OOPS…Sorry About The Website Going Down… I thought someone had hacked into my account. I got an email from a long-time follower of this blog asking, “where is your website??”. I went to my site, and to my horror, it wasn’t there. When I searched for my domain name to find out who owned it,…