Yo! I'm scotty

Where to begin...??

I am an American raised all over the States (A Navy kid), but have been based in Jakarta, Indonesia for the past 23 years. My wife is Indonesian, and I have three daughters.


Before becoming a professional photographer, I have worked as a US Navy Helicopter Pilot, a SCUBA Instructor and a Mathematics Teacher.


I have difficulty defining myself as a photographer. If you look at my portfolio, my photography is all over the place...Underwater, Landscapes, Travel, Composites, Portraits, Street, and Sports. I was just hired by the Olympic Committee Asia as an Official Photographer for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo next summer.

So, does that mean I am a Sports Shooter?


I currently make my living teaching High School Photography at the Jakarta Intercultural School in Jakarta, Indonesia. So, if I define myself in any way, it would be as an educator. Helping others to take better photos is my passion!


Life is short!! I learned that lesson fighting Cancer in 2013. I am proudly part of the elite club of Cancer Survivors. I now live life to the fullest making the best of every day we have on this Earth. There is no better way to experience what our world has to offer than through photography. Having visited over 85 countries,

the adventure never ends!!



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Scotty Graham is an internationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and print making.