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My name is Scotty, and I am a photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This website will house my blog, my latest Instagram photos, some of my portfolio, information about me, and a conduit for us to get to know each other.


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How Are You Out There??

Covid-19 Lockdown

Yes…we are still pretty much locked down here in Indonesia. All domestic flights have been cancelled, and the only international flights open are for expats that want to re-patriate. I was thinking of flying my family to the Sates, but we would be stuck in a house there as well. Might as well stay here where we have all the comforts of home, our nice pool, my home office, the school gym, etc.

I have been keeping busy though. I continue to do on-line teaching. That amounts to zoom meetings once a week, and video tutorials. I guess this is all good practice for when I eventually retire. I have also been trying to improve my golf game along with my daughter. There are still a few golf courses open, so after “on-line school” is out, Kayla and I go out and practice for a few hours every day. The gym is also open, and I have been keeping in shape as well. Actually, I’m kind of digging this new life style. Of course, I miss going out to a nice restaurant and going to see a movie, but other than that, my family and I are pretty content sleeping in every day, getting our work done, and spending time with each other. Good family bonding.

Trying to get Creative

So, I have had some time to work through some on-line tutorials with compositing. It is my new “hobby” I like to play around with. I find compositing to be really challenging, but I love a good challenge when it comes to photography. I am still learning, but getting better. Below is an image I spent the last two hours on. This image is a composite of four images. My own beach image, my own image of the girl on the beach, then a stock image of the shark and a stock image of the kayak.

Here are the images I used…

To create this composite…


Social Distancing in Raja Ampat

I had the opportunity to go to Raja Ampat for a week, and jumped at the chance. I can’t think of a better place to get away from all the chaos of the Corona virus. The entire area was quiet. No liveaboards, no tourist, and only a handful of divers. It reminded me of the old days diving in Raja Ampat. I would have stayed longer, but Indonesia closed all access to Raja Ampat for at least a couple more weeks…so, had to fly back to Jakarta.

New Custom Sport Photos

Before this outbreak of the Virus, I was busy creating some new custom sport photos. Of course, all business now is on hold while we all hunker down in our separate caves around the world.

Here’s hoping you all are sitting at home with clean hands…


Sad News…

You might remember my story from last August about photographing TIM…the largest elephant in Africa. Well, I just found out that Tim died this morning. Fortunately, he died of natural causes, and wasn’t taken out by poachers! I feel so fortunate to have seen him up close in person, and to have photographed this magnificent animal!! RIP Tim!

By the way, he will be stuffed, and put on display in a museum, so he will “live on” for millions to appreciate him.

Happy New Year!!

Yes, I am well aware that is now the 22nd of January, so a bit late to say, “Happy New Year”. Better late than never, right??

When I get around to it, I would like to post my favorite photos from 2019, but you know me…terrible about posting. Funny, I am pretty regular on FB and Instagram, but when it comes to my own personal blog, I am terrible about posting. I could make it my new year’s resolution, but have decided to not do those anymore as I rarely follow through with resolutions. I would actually be interested in knowing what percentage of resolutions made by millions of people everywhere around the world are followed through with.

Any way, how about this shot from Old Bagan in Myanmar for my first post of 2020??

Beauty Photography

I have been having lots of fun working with my students (and ex-students) the past two weeks, and also my daughter, Kayla. All of these girls volunteered to be my model, and they were all so professional. Who knows? Maybe they have a career ahead of them modelling. I learned how to post-process these photos from the incredible, Manny Librodo, who openly shared his techniques with me. He is a true artist when it comes to Photoshop, and has a great eye and creative mind.

These photos below are somewhat my “experiments” with the new techniques I learned. I am still fine tuning those techniques. Here are my favorites from my experimentation so far…

Manny Librodo Workshop

I started following Manny Librodo back in the early 2000’s. One of the first websites I uploaded photos to was pbase.com. It was there I first saw Manny’s photographs. I used to comment on his photos, and he would comment on mine. We had several personal exchanges back then as he was also an international school teacher working in Thailand, and I, of course, was working here in Jakarta. We were both teaching different subjects (I was teaching Math, and Manny was teaching Psychology), but our real passion was photography. Manny became famous, and I….well, didn’t. He ended up quitting his teaching job, and has been doing workshops all over the world for the past ten years. I am now teaching photography. So, we are both working (if you call it that) in a job we love. What’s the saying? “If you get paid doing what you love, then you will never work a day in your life”. That’s it for me, and for Manny too.

Any way, bounce ahead 15 years or so, and here we both are working together. Manny flew to Jakarta last Tuesday, and spent a week at my house running workshops for the students, teachers and local photographers. We hired a designer, Eggie Jasmine and a make-up artist, Hilda Winaz, and got students and JIS grads to model for us. It was a high-fashion photo shoot! Manny showed us how to find natural light, and we shot thousands of photos. Then he took us into the classroom, and taught his secrets in post-processing with Photoshop. It was amazing, and I learned some new tricks…

It was a great week, and Manny and I quickly became good friends…a friendship that will last a long time.

This photo below, I took in the studio. Lana Sidi Said is the model, and of course, Eggie created the concept, and Hilda did the make up. I put two photos together…the studio shot of Lana, and one of my Cambodia photos, and then used some of the techniques I learned from Manny to post-process.

My 12th Trip To Pacu Jawi

Believe it or not, I didn’t go to Sumatra at all last year. Garuda over double their price to Padang, so it just made it too expensive to spend just one day in Sumatra to see the races. This year, however, Lion Air started flying to Padang for nearly half the price. So, I organized a trip this past Saturday, and brought 9 people with me.

It is always an amazing experience, and it’s tough to NOT get a good photo!

I usually shoot with my Nikon D800 and the Sigma 50-500mm. This time, I shot with my Sony A7R3 and the Sony 100-400mm lens. No comparison which was better…the Sony wins hands down!!








Some Street Photos From 2011

Amazing what you can find going through old photos. These were taken back in 2011. I am never sure why I never post some photos. I guess at the time, I just thought they were average…but now I think they are bit above average…haha…



Back From Raja Ampat

I get so caught up keeping my Instagram and Facebook posts up to date, I forget about my own blog!! So for my ten or so readers, sorry about that!!

So last week was my something like 25th visit to Raja Ampat. I have seriously lost count on how many times I have been. I started going in 1998, and the only year I missed was the year I was suffering from Cancer treatment (2013). Some years I have gone two or three times. Never the less, every time I go, I am always AMAZED. I might be delusional, but I really think the reefs have gotten even more healthier. At least it seems so. After every dive, while handing my weight belt to the boat guys, I always say….”wow…what a dive…hard to beat that one!!”

If you have been following this blog for some time, you know I love the Sweet Lips. On one of our last dives at Cape Kri, I shot down to 40+ meters to my favorite Sweet Lip spot. There were literally thousands of them mixed in with other schools of fish. I only had a couple of minutes to get a shot, so I saw a group of them hovering over the rock they usually hang out at. The sun was peaking through from above, and Otto was hovering about 20 meters above me. The thing I love about Sweet Lips is that you can get close to them, and they just look at you like your some idiot, but are patient and don’t move. Can’t you just see what they are thinking with these photos?? I couldn’t decide which one I liked the best, so I posted all three shots from this spot…which one do you like the best?

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