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What happened to "Last Flight Out Photography"?

Well, my last website was totally lost by my EX-Webhost, Bludomain. For reasons I have yet to wrap my head around, all my blog posts, galleries, and entire website were lost when their servers failed.


Life goes on...

Welcome to my new and improved website. It is still "Last Flight Out Photography", and it will still contain my favorite images from around the world...underwater, landscapes, street photography, sports, and aerial shots from my drone.

This Would Make A Good Puzzle

I was in Bangkok last weekend, and went on a Photowalk with a group of students and teachers. I couldn’t resist dropping into this guy’s back porch to take some photos. He had quite the collection of junk. Don’t ya think this would make a great puzzle?

An Oldie From Iceland

Yes…I know…been awhile since I last posted.

I have been backing up my files. I bought two 16TB drives, and am now in the process of copying over all of my files from my several external hard drives into a series of just 10 folders. Once I get them all copied over, I will then back up to the other 16TB drive. I will keep one drive at home, and the other at work. I will then upload my important files to the cloud from work…this could take months as I have a few Terra Bytes of data to save to the cloud. Then, I will start over in Lightroom with just ONE library, and a new filing system. This all takes time…I try to get a few folders per night done.

Black Church in Iceland

Tonight, I was backing up my photos from Iceland, and found this beauty. I did a quick edit, and here ya go…

A Few of My Favorite Photos From 2018

I often judge a year by the photos I took. I for sure judge a trip by the photos I took. If I go to some exotic place, and end up with a bunch of crappy photos, and people ask me how I like the place, I will usually have something negative to say about the place. On the other hand, if I come back with a ton of great photos from a certain place, and people ask me the same question, I will tell them that the place was awesome!! The places I treasure the most are the places where I have taken killer photographs, and it is those places I like to return to visit again!

So, how do I rate 2018? Well, on a scale from 1 to 10, I think I will give 2018 a 6. My photos were not bad, but I am getting very picky with my photography, and I feel I didn’t hit any real home runs this year. A few decent shots, but nothing that will go down as one of my best photos ever…

So, in no particular order, here are a few of my favorite images from 2018. A few of them have already been published on this blog, so please excuse the repeats…

This shot (below) is one of my favorite drone photos. Kayla (my daughter) and I were lucky enough to be in Bali when Mount Agung was erupting. Early morning, we heard the rumble of the volcano, so I bolted out of bed, set up my drone, and flew it out over the water, and took several shots that I later combined to make a large resolution panorama of the volcano.

Back in September, I was hired by the Olympic Committee Asia to shoot the Asian Games hosted by Indonesia. What a fantastic experience to shoot some of the most talented athletes in the world up close. I shot every day for two weeks. It was REALLY difficult to choose my favorites from the games. I did get a lot of really nice shots, and some were published. Going through my photos, I think my favorite event to shoot was women’s gymnastics. I was just amazed at their flexibility and athleticism. So, here is one shot that I really liked…

On a trip to Bali with my daughter, we took a motorcycle ride through the back roads of Nusa Penida. We eventually found the cliffs, and a couple of famous beaches. Most people think the shot below is from my drone, but it is actually a shot I took with my Leica 135mm lens from atop a cliff. I had to lean over the edge to get the shot. I really love this shot…

To start the year in 2018, I took my family to Cambodia. We tried our best to avoid the huge crowds of Chinese Tourists (who have taken over the world). Most of the tourists would visit the same temples in Angkor Wat as the same time. That made it easy to avoid them. While most of the thousands of tourists were watching the sunrise at the main temple of Angkor Wat, we went here, and had the place pretty much to ourselves. A mere 30 minutes after I got this shot with NO people in it, it was covered with tourists making it impossible to get a shot without people posing for selfies in front of the temple.

Love this shot of Kayla in Bali.

In March, Kayla and headed to the Komodo Islands for a dive trip. At sunset our liveaboard dive boat moored offshore, and let us climb to the top of Pulau Padar where I got this shot. I have no idea who the guy is standing on the rock, but he was just stepping down off the rock when I yelled down at him to stay on the rock. Him standing there gives the photograph much better perspective.

In July, Tika (my wife) went to Laos without the kids for a nice relaxing week in Luang Prabang. It rained most of the time, but it was really nice just hanging out in cafes drinking coffee and eating non-stop. Every morning (before the sun comes up), the monks walk down the streets of Luang Prabang collecting offerings of rice and other food. It is one of the main events to photograph while in Laos. Since it rained most every morning, I was too lazy to get out of bed to get in the rain to photograph them. On our last day there, I forced myself to get out of bed and make the trek downtown to get some shots. It was pouring rain, and not a lot of fun, but I am so glad I went out to get some shots. This one below is one of my favs from that morning.

This is another shot of Mount Agung erupting. This one was taken at sunset, and I just love the way the light hit the smoke coming out of the mountain.

As you probably already know, one of my favorite places on Earth is Raja Ampat located in West Papua of Indonesia. I have been going to Raja Ampat every year since 1998 for a week in October. They have recently built stairs that you can climb to the top in the Fam Islands. This shot was taken from the top of the climb.

Another gymnastics shot from the Asian Games. When you first see this photo, it looks like she only has one leg. Talk about flexibility!

On my dive trip to Tulamben, Bali, I was able to fine tune my skills in Macro Photography. This shrimp is literally smaller than your smallest finger nail. With my ageing eyes, I found it really difficult to focus, so I used my dive guide to help me out with the focus. I would hold my camera with my left hand, and had my right hand on the trigger. My guid would have his hand on the lens, and would move it in and out until he saw the animal was in focus. He would then make a grunting noise, and I would fire the shutter. It worked pretty well. I got a lot of out of focus shots (most were), but then got a few tack sharp images. The diopter I was using had an extremely shallow depth of field…I am talking millimeters. It was really difficult!!

You can see why I like Raja Ampat so much….amazing sunsets!

There is a dive spot in Raja Ampat where you can always find this LARGE school of Sweet Lips. It is very deep though (about 140 feet). At that depth, I only had about 7 minutes to get some shots before heading up to more shallow waters.

In May, I headed back to Yangshuo, China with a group of students. I have always hunted for this spot, but was unable to locate it. I actually emailed Trey Ratcliff to see if he could hook me up with someone that knew how to get to this spot. He kindly wrote back to me, and referred me to Rick Sammon. Rick wrote me back giving me the name of the guide that took him and Trey to the spot. I can’t thank them enough for that information. This is a really cool spot to take a pano photo.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Yes, I know it is a bit early…but thought I would get this out before I go “off-grid” in a couple of days…

This is a composite (obviously)…. I want to thank Ben Shirk of Shirk Photography, for all the great Photoshop templates, brushes and his invaluable green screen abstraction action. I have spent a small fortune on his website. Check  out his website if you want to get some good inspiration for your portraits and/or team photos (if you do that kind of thing)…

New Gallery Posted

It’s been a very slow process rebuilding this website. I try to not get angry at my previous webhost (Bludomain) when I think about the loss of 15 years of blog posts, and all of my content on this website, but it is no easy task to forgive. BUT, I am a forgiving person, and I have long had the philosophy to not let the small stuff get in the way of life. Shit happens, and we must move on. The dude abides.

I am now in the process of re-building my galleries, and just added a new one today with some of my favorites….check it out when you get the chance…


From the Archives

It has been a long time since I have gone to Sumatra to see Pacu Jawi. I am trying to organise a trip there, but my contact who I usually plan with has not answered my calls.

Anyway…I was going through my photos tonight (collecting shots for my new galleries for this website), and found this beauty tucked away in a folder of photos. Thought I would share it here…

update on this website

Well, I have to admit, I have not worked on my new website for almost a month now. I am busy making prints for the upcoming Christmas Bazaar, and planning our annual Thanksgiving dinner.

On the printing front, I am having trouble getting the color right on my canvas with the new printer. I have made several icc profiles, but still can’t get the colors right. No idea what is happening, but I suspect I have bad paper as my Luster paper prints colors perfectly. This has taken up most of my time every evening. I spend a couple of hours making the profiles (scanning 2500 patches), and then waste more paper doing test prints…then it is back n forth with the company I bought the printer from trouble shooting. I may just give up and print all of my photos I will sell on the Luster paper. I hesitate to do that because I will have to buy glass for the frames which makes the prints heavier and also have to deal with glare. With the canvas, I can frame without glass, and my work looks more “painterly” on canvas. Oh well.

By the way, the photos below are the ones I am having so much trouble with. The water keeps coming out GREEN…I can’t get that nice turquoise color to come out, and it’s the Turquoise that really makes the photos (in my opinion).

ANYWAY….I promise to get back to work on uploading my galleries, to make more blog posts, and to finally finish this website as soon as possible….it’s been an uphill struggle…thanks for your patience (or maybe only spammers visit this website)! Ha!

BodyTraffic Visits

Three of the dancers from BodyTraffic, a dance troupe based in Los Angeles, has been here in Jakarta for a few days doing dance workshops. They had a performance this past Saturday night, and it was really good!! I am hoping to get some individual photos of them next week. It is not often I get the opportunity to photograph professional dancers, so looking forward to the photo shoot.

My New Website is Now LIVE

New Website Accidentally Activated…

Yes…this is my new website. It is LIVE…

BUT, I made it live pre-maturely (to show a friend), and don’t know how to get back to “test drive” mode….so, it is not finished yet. Some links not working, and some pages not completed yet. But you can at least give my new website a test run, and see what you think.

Actually….lets give this a try…leave a comment on this blog post to see if it is working, and you can even let me know what you think of my new site so far…

Might As Well Post a Photo

While I’m here, I’ll post this photo so that at least there is something to look at in this post. This is one of my gymnastics photos I took during the Asian Games. All the photos I took during the games belong to the Olympic Committee Asia (OCA) and Com3 Images. They were kind enough to allow me to post some of my photos…

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