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My name is Scotty, and I am a photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This website will house my blog, my latest Instagram photos, some of my portfolio, information about me, and a conduit for us to get to know each other.


Please enjoy browsing through my site !!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you need a photographer!!

update on this website

Well, I have to admit, I have not worked on my new website for almost a month now. I am busy making prints for the upcoming Christmas Bazaar, and planning our annual Thanksgiving dinner.

On the printing front, I am having trouble getting the color right on my canvas with the new printer. I have made several icc profiles, but still can’t get the colors right. No idea what is happening, but I suspect I have bad paper as my Luster paper prints colors perfectly. This has taken up most of my time every evening. I spend a couple of hours making the profiles (scanning 2500 patches), and then waste more paper doing test prints…then it is back n forth with the company I bought the printer from trouble shooting. I may just give up and print all of my photos I will sell on the Luster paper. I hesitate to do that because I will have to buy glass for the frames which makes the prints heavier and also have to deal with glare. With the canvas, I can frame without glass, and my work looks more “painterly” on canvas. Oh well.

By the way, the photos below are the ones I am having so much trouble with. The water keeps coming out GREEN…I can’t get that nice turquoise color to come out, and it’s the Turquoise that really makes the photos (in my opinion).

ANYWAY….I promise to get back to work on uploading my galleries, to make more blog posts, and to finally finish this website as soon as possible….it’s been an uphill struggle…thanks for your patience (or maybe only spammers visit this website)! Ha!

BodyTraffic Visits

Three of the dancers from BodyTraffic, a dance troupe based in Los Angeles, has been here in Jakarta for a few days doing dance workshops. They had a performance this past Saturday night, and it was really good!! I am hoping to get some individual photos of them next week. It is not often I get the opportunity to photograph professional dancers, so looking forward to the photo shoot.

My New Website is Now LIVE

New Website Accidentally Activated…

Yes…this is my new website. It is LIVE…

BUT, I made it live pre-maturely (to show a friend), and don’t know how to get back to “test drive” mode….so, it is not finished yet. Some links not working, and some pages not completed yet. But you can at least give my new website a test run, and see what you think.

Actually….lets give this a try…leave a comment on this blog post to see if it is working, and you can even let me know what you think of my new site so far…

Might As Well Post a Photo

While I’m here, I’ll post this photo so that at least there is something to look at in this post. This is one of my gymnastics photos I took during the Asian Games. All the photos I took during the games belong to the Olympic Committee Asia (OCA) and Com3 Images. They were kind enough to allow me to post some of my photos…

Official Photographer of Asian Games

I don’t know if you knew this or not, but I was hired as an “Official Photographer for the Olympic Committee Asia”, and spent the last two weeks shooting the games. It was more fun than a human should be allowed to have, but it was also a LOT of work. As soon as work was out, I jumped on my Vespa, and drove downtown to Senayan, donned my photographer’s vest, and headed to at least two events per day. It was an incredible experience, and many of my photos were published on various websites in Indonesia including the main website of the Asian Games.

I am hoping in a couple of weeks to be able to post some of my images. They are officially owned by the OCA, and I am not supposed to share on social media….I will find out the exact rules, though, and may be able to share at least some of my photos. I did get some cool shots that I am pretty proud of.

Update on New Website

I am still working on my new website. It is taking some time, but I am getting there page by page. Everyday, I have some kind of problem with links, formatting, and other things…it is a steep learning curve, but eventually I will have my new site up and running…so hang in there, and thanks for your patience.

New Website Underway


Above is a partial screen shot of my landing page. I am working on the links now, and building the other pages. After that, I will build my galleries…it is a steep learning curve on how to do all of this. I seem to accomplish one small task every night. Sometimes, it takes me hours just to figure out how to put an image into a page, or how to link pages to the menu, etc….very frustrating, but I’m getting there…

Website Lost By Bludomain

Hello supporters of Last Flight Out Photography!!

About a month ago, I found out that my site was “under construction”.

After some research, I found out that Bludomain (my ex-web host) had lost thousands of websites. Their back-up servers were also corrupted. All my blog posts from the past 10 years are now lost forever. I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of a professional webhost letting this happen. It’s like google or facebook losing all of your data…how can this be possible??

Any way…no use getting upset…shit happens, right?

I have taken action, however. I have now transferred my domain over to a highly reputable webhost, Inmotion. I have installed WordPress, and now making this post.

This wordpress blog is only temporary while I construct my new website. I still work with Prophoto Blogs, and will create an entirely new website…but it will take some time, so stay with me, ok??

I am hoping with Inmotion, my blog will load much quicker, and photo galleries will load much quicker. With Bludomain, my website was DOG SLOW, and I always wondered why…now I know. It was my webhost!!

So….stay tuned, and before you know it, I will have my new site up and ready to go!!


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Scotty Graham is an internationally acclaimed professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and print making.